So Much Unknowing

dreamstime_xxl_47166898At my age, which we’re not going to discuss, I have been shocked and horrified about how very little I know about my ancestors.  I started out my research knowing little more than my grandparents names.  As a child, sometimes my grandparents would share family stories with me, but I usually didn’t take them seriously, or I was only half listening.  Such a shame.  So now I’m paying the price, literally, with multiple memberships at ancestry research websites.  The websites have been great at providing official records which have filled in many, many gaps.  But what’s missing is the backstory of their lives, the drama, the real stories.  In order to get those, you have to connect with your “kin” and share the information–the stories, myths and legends.  To find the right kin, it helps to have the DNA testing also.  That is what helped me the most in finding the right people in the world to talk to about “my people”.  And it’s really been the best part, because you hear things about your ancestors that you would never have dreamed of.  And sometimes you can corroborate it with official records.  So, I still have a long way to go in my research, but the journey is the best, most fascinating part!


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