Antebellum and Belle Epoch Fashion

img_0638 A “cousin” of mine on my grandmother’s side shared this photo with me of one of our shared ancestors.  It’s an awesome photo in my opinion.  We don’t know the nature of the event she was attending, but she appears to be dressed to the nines.  We speculate she may have been at a wedding, or perhaps a horse race, especially because her outfit reminds me of a riding habit.  In the full size photo she is with her husband, and since we know their marriage date and the date of her husband’s unexpected death, we know for sure that the photo was taken between 1912-1925.  This photo alone piqued my interest about fashion trends back in those days, and there are some very interesting websites that discuss it in-depth.  And there are some pretty brow-raising facts too.  For instance, did you know that women did not start wearing underwear until around 1800?  That was a bit startling.  Also, apparently in Georgia during the mid-1800’s, some women experimented with wearing men’s clothing (pants), but it was highly frowned upon and considered offensive.  I’m sure glad this changed because I wear pants (and underwear) just about every single day of my life!  I’ll leave you with some links to websites with great information and wonderful photos of fashion from “those days”.  Enjoy!


Lady Amcal

Glamour Daze



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