Celtic by DNA

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photo-vintage-luck-image7882305Not that it matters, because you certainly don’t need to be officially Celtic to enjoy some green beer, corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and a little merriment this time of year!  But I will say that having some certainty in my Celtic ancestry most definitely adds to my enthusiasm!  I have ancestors from both Ireland and Scotland, and several that are still a mystery as to their Celtic origins.  My DNA testing showed 35% Celtic, and my mom’s DNA showed 47%.  From what I’ve read, the DNA testing cannot discern between Ireland and Scotland.  My mom’s 47% Celtic was her highest ethnicity percentage and it really surprised me.  Both sides of my family have Celtic ancestors but I was quite surprised that it showed up so high in the percentage, especially since many of the ancestors are quite far back.  I guess they have some strong genes!  It’s interesting because I have Native American ancestors which has been proven via DNA testing of “cousins” further back, but does not show up in my DNA.  So I guess DNA still has room to improve, but it’s still pretty fascinating with what we have.

Here are some of the surnames that are, or may be, my Celtic ancestors that I’m researching; if you have any tips let me know:  Murphy, Keith, Spivey, Kimbler, Estep, Lane, Powers, and others.

☘  H A P P Y   ST.  P A T R I C K’S   D A Y !  ☘


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